New Air Fresheners

Express Yourself

As car enthusiasts our cars are a representation of ourselves. With so many options to choose from you will find yourself able to project your style onto your build! Love your turbos? Get the Turbo Air Freshener! All about the stance life? Opt for the Stay Low Air Freshener! Or perhaps you're a Subie Guy? Take a look at our Subaru Air Fresheners. At EverestAF, it is our goal to remove the boring air freshener from your car and replace it with a more fitting option!

For Car Enthusiasts, From Car Enthusiasts

We understand the disappointment of driving a stunning car only to be let down by an uninspiring air freshener. That's precisely why we're here - to eliminate the mundane air fresheners and replace them with ones that complement the look and feel of your vehicle. Our range of air fresheners is designed with vibrant colors, captivating styles, and car enthusiasts in mind. We believe that by upgrading your air freshener, we can significantly enhance the appearance of your car's interior and overall aesthetics.